STREAMLINE is a specialized service that offers creative, practical design and organizing solutions for clients in Los Angeles, New York City, and surrounding areas. 
STREAMLINE's personalized services are designed for people with limited time and energy, those who seek organization without compromising aesthetics, and for those who need help making significant changes to transform their homes and work environments. 
We design. We redesign. We revamp and refine. We'll consult and customize. We can decorate or redecorate, help you move-in (or out) and relocate. We organize libraries of all kinds and closets of all sizes.  We'll help you review, resell and reset.

Redesigned, organized living—this is STREAMLINE. 

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Streamline Inc. founder Lara Greenberg was born, raised and educated in New York City. She earned a BFA in Photography from NYU before working in television, documentary and independent film production.

In 2002, Lara launched Streamline Inc. combining two of her strengths: design and organizing—a business concept that hadn't existed before. She has helped hundreds of clients realize their organizational and design goals. Lara's aesthetic sensibility and good instincts guide how she works; she brings fresh eyes and momentum to every project.

Release the superfluous. Reclaim space. Reject trends and refine your style. Make room for fewer but better things. Our time is precious—effortlessly locating what you need, when you need it, is a worthy goal. Being organized is invigorating, it’s such a feeling of power.
— Lara Greenberg