We hired a well-known concierge moving company in the past but it didn't compare to the quality and caring service of Streamline. Lara is a perfectionist and beautifully handled every last detail of our move. Hustle and heart set Lara apart from the rest.   H.K., Beverly Hills, CA

I thought it was a little over the top, it’s the best thing I ever did. I hired … Lara Greenberg, she came to our home and like a … kind, militant general, got me to clean out everything.  It’s a wonderfully cathartic, traumatic, terrific experience to have; it’s a luxury but it was really worth it.  Laura Linney on Live

Lara redecorated our master bedroom and redesigned our master closet. She took into account our wishes and needs—but also branched out and gave us something we hadn't envisioned. Our bedroom became a super cozy and elegant haven and we gained tons more room in our closet. We are so happy!  G.R., Santa Monica, CA

Lara photographed and catalogued every piece of art and jewelry for insurance and estate planning purposes. She worked quickly and carefully and was a pleasure to work with.  D.S., New York, NY

I never thought anyone could bring order and simplicity into my life. Lara has made the impossible, possible. I trust her keen eye implicitly. She has a rolodex and a heart the size of Manhattan and the talent and insight to truly organize and enhance your living space. She is much more than an organizer. She has made me think differently about my surroundings and what can be achieved in an affordable and sophisticated way. She has helped me find ME under all my stuff and she continues to inspire and counsel me in living a streamlined life. Lara Greenberg is golden.  J.A., Los Angeles, CA

We love having Lara around. Her ideas have truly helped our house look and run better. Our home office—a once dreaded room—has turned into a place where my husband and I want to spend time. She helped our sons in many ways and even introduced them to a great to-do list application that helps with their school workloads and college prep.  N.W., Brooklyn, NY

I hired Lara to organize my home office 12 years ago. She now helps us organize around the entire house when life gets too busy and I can't keep up. Lara is my go-to for design ideas and various projects. I trust her taste level and her judgement.  E.C., Pasadena, CA

Streamline Inc. worked well with our contractor during a gut renovation in our kitchen. There were hundreds of details, emails and scheduling hurdles and it all got taken care of.  Lara thinks of everything! She worries for you, so you don't have to sit up at night wondering if you forgot something.  C.R., Beverly Hills, CA

Lara designed every inch of storage in our homeall cabinets, drawers, closets and shelving were carefully considered based on our needs, and she made everything work and fit perfectly. Our architect now recommends Lara and we couldn't recommend Streamline highly enough! K.R., West Hollywood, CA

Every Spring and Fall Lara comes over and we review and edit my wardrobe, shoes and accessories to put the current season into rotation. Giveaways, donations, resale and tailor alterations—they all get taken care of. We take pictures and do a look-book so I don't have to think about what to wear on those days when I'm stressed and feeling out of sorts. With Lara, the time flies and we get a lot done. Her smile lights up the room, making the process of working with her a joy.   C.T., Los Angeles, CA

Lara helps me shop my own closet. She is a great stylist and puts together chic outfits and suggests a new way of wearing something I've had for years. She understands my style but often pushes me in a better direction. She even helps me pack for short and long trips—heaven on earth!  D.M., Malibu, CA

Streamline took all of our family's old photos from albums, shoeboxes and photo frames and scanned them, then organized it all on our Mac. She creates annual custom photo books and digital slide shows for our family events. Lara has a great eye and sense of layout design. Our bookshelves are filled with rows of gorgeous photo albums—something we would never have done on our own. A.L., Harrison, NY

I rely on Lara to come over a few times a year to keep my house in tip-top. Office, kitchen and master closet resets are what I need and Lara gets it done. She rotates my art, accessories, and some pieces of furniture, which keeps everything looking refreshed.   N.L., Los Angeles, CA